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About Us

Purpose Statement

The purpose of the Lithonia Bulldogs Band Booster Association (LBBBA) shall be to bring together band parents and other interested persons to augment, support and promote the Lithonia High School band programs.

– Excerpt taken from Article 1, Section B.1 of the LBBBA Bylaws and Constitution

Mission Statement

It is our mission to enhance both the economic and social environment of the students as well as the faculty of the Lithonia High School Band Program. The overall objective of the LBBBA is to assist in facilitating the goals of our band under the leadership of the band directors. Our mission is to foster an environment that will enhance parental involvement and accountability, and also to increase the level of communication between the members of the band, faculty, the LBBBA, and the community served by the LHS Band Program. It is also our mission to provide the necessary assistance required by the band faculty in fostering a wonderful learning environment as well as a rewarding and enjoyable band experience for our students. It is our goal to meet the need of the student in their totality (mentally, emotionally, physically, and economically). We recognize that the band program is incredibly valuable as it not only helps to train our children musically but also teaches discipline, diligence, organization, leadership, and the ability of working with others to obtain a common goal. These are foundational skills which they will be able to utilize now and continue to build upon as they embark upon their future endeavors (i.e. secondary education).

LBBBA Primary Purpose

The primary purpose of the Lithonia Bulldogs Band Booster Association (LBBBA) is to provide structure and support for all of the Lithonia High School band programs, including the marching band, concert band and the jazz band. The LBBBA is comprised of parents of current and past band members, alumni students and community supporters.

The LBBBA performs most of the administrative and logistical roles of the band program, thereby leaving our band directors to do what they do best – TEACH. To assist the directors and students, the LBBBA heavily relies on the boosters to raise funds, move equipment, coordinate meals and travel, plan and chaperone events — as well as an assortment of other duties vital to the success of our band.

A band program of the size and quality of the Lithonia High School band MUST have support from its boosters. If your student is just beginning his/her participation in the LHS band, you will come to find that you will have frequent interaction with the LBBBA. Each contact with the LBBBA is an opportunity for you to become involved. Perhaps, after reading this handbook, you may find opportunities to volunteer in a way that suits your specific interests and talents. We hope so! Volunteering offers many personal rewards. Share this rewarding experience with your band student – they will not forget that you supported their band experience, and neither will you!

Please feel free to contact any of the LBBBA Executive Board members at any time. We are volunteers, who care deeply about the LHS band program and we are here to serve the band and band parents in any way needed. Hopefully, you’ll join us!